About us

Fairfield Forum Pharmacy, situated in the heart of Fairfield was purchased by Romel Yousef in 2011. Fairfield was growing at a rapid pace and is one of the most multicultural suburbs in Australia with over half of its residents born overseas in non-English speaking countries.

One of the most common languages spoken in Fairfield is Assyrian. Being an Assyrian himself, Romel felt drawn to Fairfield Forum Pharmacy. With a passion to give back to the Assyrian community. A combination of language barriers, lack of healthcare and general care meant the much needed support from a patient, Assyrian speaking pharmacist was well overdue.

10 years on, Fairfield Forum Pharmacy now has 20 passionate, hard-working staff members. Excelling in their services of medical care, counselling, mobility support and products, sleep apnoea tests and more, with high-end providers like NDIS and Ezi Care. The pharmacy is the first PCCA Compounding Lab in Fairfield. It hasn’t been an easy journey, with many obstacles and challenges that they needed to adapt to quickly over the last 10 years.

The most recent and challenging time for the pharmacy and the surrounding community was during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. With a community in desperate need for medical support, the team at Fairfield Forum Pharmacy knew they had to adapt, working longer hours and at a rapid rate, they put in the hard work for the community of Fairfield. The team at Fairfield Forum Pharmacy would like to thank the Fairfield community for their continued support. The team are so grateful for their fellow Assyrians who visit the pharmacy for their medical needs.

Romel Yousef

Owner of Fairfield Forum Pharmacy